- illustrated banner -


I was commissioned to create a banner by MommyAbroad - a non-profit group for the young mothers that live in a foreign country. The aim of the group is to share information, spend time together, make new friends, exchange advice and tips between the group's members.The brief was to create an identity for the group's brand as well as a social media banner for each location with an illustration or set of illustrations that should and be unique for each location, but easily recognizable and also to inspire the groups values: emotion, friendship, femininity and motherhood, coziness and happiness. 

watercolor illustration, digitally edited layout


Swatches for each geographical location. 

 Illustrated banner swatches for different locations by Irina Luchian


 Social media illustrated banner sketch by Irina Luchian

primary typefaces


watercolor illustrations

 Illustrated objects (tea cup, golden bracelet, high heel pink shoes, baby girl shoes, a red polka dots cup full of macaroons) by Irina Luchian

 Illustrated banner displayed on desktop and mobile screen by Irina Luchian